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Basic movement, This is a standard control in the first time when you have play. Next, When you equip the attachment to your gun, Some of attachment can help you to advance movement.


Basic ControlEdit

  • 'W' , 'A' , 'S' and 'D' are the basic control your character.
  • 'Space Bar' or 'Right Click' to jump.
  • 'Q' or 'Left Click' to shoot.
  • 'E' or 'Middle Click' to open weapon menu.
  • 'F' to pick the weapon , call weapon from our robot.
  • 'Scrolling mouse' select each gun in the weapon.
  • '1' , '2' , '3' select each gun in the weapon.


when you are running, Press down your player to slide. It help you to pass the aperture and help you to Dodge quickly.

Move to the doorEdit

Press Up to move to the door. You can go to the other zone by the door.

Moving by advanceEdit

Air float : If you have a brosster level 2+, press jump when your player in the air and gonna move down. It can help you to float in a little second.

Air jump : If you have a brosster level 3, press jump when your player in the air. You can jump once in the air. It make you to jump higher more one block.

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